Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Vintage Sale... at my house! (05-15-12)

Farmhouse Vintage Sale (Oak Grove - Milwaukie)

Date: 2012-05-15, 11:10PM PDT
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Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26, 9 am - 5 pm. NO EARLY BIRDS (no kidding).

VINTAGE ONLY SALE hosted by No Ducks and Bunnies Vintage.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to attend a sale featuring fabulous VINTAGE items in a lovely park-like setting: home decor, china, sewing, garden, small furniture, chairs, dressers, trunks, -even bridal dresses-, and more...

From Mc:Loughlin Blvd./Hwy 99, West on Oak Grove Blvd; South on Linden to 2323 Creighton Ave.

The Ducks and Bunnies house is the charming old yellow farmhouse behind the green doublewide at the corner. The property is accessible by foot via driveways on Creighton Ave. and on Sarah Lane.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflecting on Vintage Fairs (04-29-12)

After all the vintage fairs I've participated in, I decided that there is no point in wasting my money to participate as a vendor at such events any further.

There is no reason for me to pay steadily increasing fees for spaces steadily decreasing in size, to pack everything, to unpack, to set an entire booth, to work for hours, repack everything, and this for the ultimate financial benefit of organizers who (as in the last event) have the nerve to take out their frustrations on me. As a vendor paying for a service (the event, its location, and the public's presence), I expect to be treated politely.

The only ego trip I am willing to be involved in is my own.

So, this may just be the push I needed to stage my own events at my house, since I have all the space to display whatever I want, a carpool, two driveways, a huge studio, with no fees to pay, and no space limitations...

An interesting prospect...